The New Era Of Stock Photography

David Williams

Changes In The World Of Stock Photos

After deciding to pursue the idea of stock photography years ago, it was a time of health and prosperity in the industry. But soon, things changed, as they always do. Royalty Free Stock Photos entered the marketplace like a hurricane, applying pressure to the commercial and assignment photographers, not to mention the havoc it played with the stock photographers.

Price And Quality Decline Further....

When it seemed like things couldn't get any worse, the emergence of a new breed of photography entered the market, selling photos for a few bucks, or so. The term was coined as "Microstock", and it took the world by storm. Well, you can image the turmoil it caused in the marketplace when photos are available for under $5. The idea has horrified many photographers, yet glorified others, and there are still many debates on the issue as we speak. However, I think one thing is clear, it's hard to put much money into production or post-production, when you only get $3 for your image, and your agency takes most of that. But, as always in a situation like this, there will be photographers that will rise to the top through this venue.

Stock Photography, Google, and the Internet

So now what? Well, it has turned into a race to the top of the search engines. The internet is the key, and Google has turned out to be your best or worst friend. The old days of buying the best cameras/lenses and learning light and color have been replaced with a Costco camera and learning Photoshop. Today's stock photography world is about getting your images seen on the internet. So, skills are key, photographic skills, SEO skills, computer skills, Photoshop skills, and html code skills for starters. Is it all worth it? I think so. What will happen next? Well, I guess I'll see if I can stick around and find out.

David Williams Photography - Salt Lake City

About David Williams Photography

David Williams is a photographer specializing in Stock Photography, based in Salt Lake City. We create stock photos of People, Young Adults, and Children in Lifestyle, Health, Fitness, Beauty and Business Concepts. Our stock images are created for the advertising and editorial world, with pictures ending up in brochures, flyers, lifestyle type magazines, and websites.

Models Wanted

We are always looking for models in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. The stock photos we create, are used in the advertising and editorial world, ending up in brochures, flyers, lifestyle type magazines, as well as websites. We are not worried about modeling experience as much as we are about being relaxed, fun loving and outgoing. You can do this alone, or with friends and family. The concept we are selling is attractive, clean, healthy, and wholesome lifestyles, so if you fit this generalization, and are interested, please contact us. Please send along a few pictures and let us know which talents you may have, such as sports, motherhood, gardening, etc.

Makeup Artistry

Makeup artistry for my images is done by my friend and associate, Terre Clawson. Terre is a talented theatrical and studio makeup artist, and she brings a wealth of knowledge to my stock photography images. I have partnered with Terre to create consistent, clean, and healthy looking images. Terre is a freelance makeup artist available for weddings, film, photography, ramp or theater.

Privacy Policy

At David Williams Photography, we recognize that your privacy is important. To use special features of our website, such as, to set up an account, use lightboxes, or to receive image comps, in regards to David Williams Photography, some customer information is required. The information that we obtain depends on your individual needs as a customer. Your personal information is never shared or sold to any other individual, organization, or third party. DW